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Poker Tips for Growing Your Bankroll Faster

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Poker Tips for Growing Your Bankroll Faster

Poker Tips for Growing Your Bankroll Faster

If you were to simply wait until you got the nuts each time to bet big, you would see your chip stack disappear from the blinds and antes. The odds of getting a superior hand are low, and to make matters worse, each time you finally get the best hand, seems everyone knows and they fold around so you win nothing. If you want to grow your chip stack like the professionals, you have to learn to take advantage of certain opportunities at the poker table.

Reading Other Players When they are Weak

The easiest way to take a pot when you are in with one or two players is to watch how they bet each round. If they are betting but allowing you in the hand, they don't have the nuts and are hoping to improve. When the ace hits the board and they slow or check the bet, they think the ace can beat their hand and don't want to lose too much. Help them to fold by pushing in a big bet when the ace comes regardless what your hole cards. The idea here is to pretend the ace made your hand, so they will fold and live to fight another time.

Frustrate Players Who Slow Play

There are plenty of new players who think the only way to make money at the poker table is to slow play when they think they have a hand. These weak players are dealt a pocket pair of queens and think they can suck all the money out of players by betting very small to the river. Little card after little card hits the board, so they think they are in good shape, until a straight or flush makes it on the river. This is when you bet big and send them on tilt wishing they bet more. Click on jadwal bola malam ini for more details.

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