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Common Online Slot Machine Myths

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Many online slot players think that certain things they will do can increase their chance of winning. You may have even heard some people have success rubbing their computer screen or betting fast or slow. Some players prefer playing on certain days which they consider their lucky ones. Here are some common slot machine myths:

This machine just paid out and it won't pay out again! This is totally unrealistic. Just remember that regardless the last spin, it will have little effect on the next spin. There is nothing that will help you to spot a pattern here because technology has stripped away all those possibilities.

When I stopped playing, someone else came along and hit the jackpot!

If you have stopped playing on a machine and see someone else come along and hit the jackpot you may have thought to yourself that they won the jackpot that was yours. This is unrealistic; you would have had to hit the spin button at exactly the same time which is near to impossible.

It is quite difficult to win on 5 reels slots just because there are some more reels

This is unrealistic, the amount of reels do not jeopardize your chances of winning in any possible manner. Actually many 5 reel slots have a better hit frequency than classic slots as there are greater winning combinations. A 3 reel slot with a 98% payout and a 5 reel slot with a 98% pay out will pay out the equal amounts over time.

The Most Jackpots Were Won On This Date:

According to a study more jackpots have been won on Tuesdays than any other day surprisingly. Thursday and Saturday are the other days on which more jackpots have been won after Tuesdays.

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